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Our Sectors

Rubber articles, rubber-textile And rubber-metal for high performance.

With many years of experience in naval, textile, food, plant, drilling, construction and mountain fields, ISOPREN is able to offer tailor-made solutions for different uses, designed with customers to meet specific needs.

Consolidated and designed technological solutions in the selection and creation of innovative and high-performing compounds.

ISOPREN, over the years, with highly qualified and available staff, continues to offer a dedicated service to customers from pre-sales to after-sales and on-site. It has developed important know-how, constantly maintaining an extremely high quality standard.

There Boutiques Of ISOPREN, customized items.

ISOPREN analyzes customer requests and works in co-engineering to develop tailor-made products according to the needs requested by the customer.

Technological & Innovation Dept. is able to support and follow the customer step by step throughout the entire production process: from the development of the component to the final result. This continuous collaboration allows us to create more specific and tailor-made products in evolving markets.

We guarantee quality and innovation, offering our knowledge for studying the most efficient solution for every single request to support the customer.

Technical rubber articles destined for the world Naval which: compensation joints, flexible hoses, protective bags for battery accumulators and related covers used in submarines.

These items, in the catalogue for many years, have been continuously updated and meet the demanding customers' specifications.

Recent innovative products allow you to always have up-to-date solutionsavant-garde.

For many years, manufacturers of a vast, complete and updated range for the textile sector Mountain and focus on: snowcat wheels, crosspieces for snow groomers, rings for ski lifts, with and without textile heels, coverings for arm doors and plugs for flywheels.

The compounds used have a wide thermal range of use and high resistance to abrasion, traction and compression.

Production of high quality technical rubber articles for resistance to contact with food, dry and/or wet, for the sector Food.

Thanks to long experience and advanced technical skills, ISOPREN is able to offer to customers a wide range of products including: stators for progressive cavity pumps, elements for food processing and compensation joints.

The compounds and raw materials used, all compliant with current regulations and those onhygiene and on the safety, allow a wide temperature range in various environmental conditions.

All items can be tested and certified to ensure the required compliance.

Production of technical rubber components for industry Mining.

The main focus is on the production of filter press elements, which are fundamental to the solid-liquid separation process in mines.

ISOPREN offers high quality products and solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. The items are designed to resist to the most extreme conditions and demanding mechanical stresses.

Production of technical rubber articles for the Industrial installations.

Our product range includes a large selection of items: come on Compensation Joints to the Bellows, both small and large; these are ideal for applications where a motion compensation or where necessary to protect the system components from external harmful agents.

Our reputation, based on the precision and reliability of our products, guarantees customers greater plant efficiency, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, ISOPREN guarantees the realization of dedicated spare parts.

Production of technical rubber items for the sector Building.

Rubber concrete pumping pistons, used on construction sites, are ISOPREN's leading products. They are made with high quality materials, which guarantee long life and high resistance to wear.

To complete the vast range of rubber products there are gaskets, pipes, joints and so on.

The company provides tailor-made solutions according to customer needs, ensuring maximum quality and reliability.

Production of technical rubber items for the manufacturing sector Drilling.

ISOPREN has a wide range of products dedicated to the drilling sector including: piston seals, drill pipe protectors, mud pump components And PIG gaskets; all made with the highest quality materials and great attention to detail.

The experience gained over the years in development of drilling solutions It also allows us to offer personalized items, ensuring very high quality standards.

ISOPREN has a wide range of products dedicated to the manufacturing sector Urban Mobility among which: ringscoverings And components for return pulleys.

There MUrban mobility it concerns how people and goods move around the city considering factors such as infrastructure, technology, politics and culture.

The way we move around cities is a complex topic with an ancient history and a future based on increasingly sophisticated technology, which ISOPREN has managed to increase over the years through the innovation of its machinery.

Production of high quality technical rubber items for the sector Textile.

ISOPREN is ready to meet the needs of this sector, in particular, focusing on the production of rubber coatings for textile machinery cylinders, which offer protection against wear and corrosion.

Over the years, the company has also specialized in the coating of rollers for tow-to-top tearing machines and in the production of accessories dedicated to the textile industry.


Our qualities



Products made up of mixes based on elastomers (both natural and synthetic), designed and created by our laboratory, many of which are formulated for a specific customer.

Thanks to the rich portfolio of compounds, for which we hold the intellectual property, we are able to satisfy all needs.



ISOPREN stands out for its consolidated ability to create rubber parts, Also personalized, including some items that require adhesion with metal and textile components.

This has allowed the company to qualify as a top player in the reference markets as a unique and competitive reality.


Research &

Our Technological & Innovation Department is able to realize projects, molds and equipments suitable for innovative items.

We have certifications and patents for rubber items. They come from the ideas, implementation and development of our projects.


and Loyalty

The customers loyalty is given by our ability to satisfy the industrial production requirements with craftsmanship and attention.

Thanks to our skills, we are able to maintain long-lasting relationships over time, making us a reliable and safe partner.

Our Story

ISOPREN has been a protagonist in the rubber industry for 70 years

From the 1953 today we are specialists in the making of technical rubber items to be used mainly for industry B2B.

Come on Cylinders, garlic Pumping elements, come on Compensation Joints to Cable car rings until Anti-abrasive coatings; qThese are just some examples of our production. 

logo 70 anni isopren


Our success stories



Creation of a support to support heavy loads, adapting to the geometry of the component to be supported to distribute the force over a larger surface.


Bag made entirely of rubber with the purpose of containing the batteries for submarines in order to avoid any leakage of dangerous liquids.


Article with high technological content that allows you to optimize the production phases through a strong upgrade in traceability: an RFID tag inserted inside the article.


Creation of gaskets for batteries which will have the task of sealing the holes for the passage of the cables present in the storage cells.


Creation of a new product to be used in the food industry for the transport and processing of food.


icona montagna
Wheels made of solid rubber used on snow groomers. Dedicated compound formulated by ISOPREN, aimed at guaranteeing better resistance and service life of the article.

Many prestigious customers trust in us

The story tells the past and it's witness to the attitude. 
ISOPREN is Innovation, Progress and Reliability.
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