New Lines of Certified Rubber Expansion Compensators

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We are proud to present the four new lines of rubber expansion compensators capable of satisfying the most varied operating conditions:

– The J1 LUX and J2 LUX compensators, designed for naval applications and beyond, have one and two acute waves respectively, capable of guaranteeing operation even when subjected to extreme compensations and shocks;

– The J1 AS+® series, registered trademark and patented product, includes self-stable joints with fixed flanges and large curvature wave, suitable for installations in which the pipes to be connected are not tied to any fixed structure, avoiding the risk of displacements and deformations with the system under pressure;

– The J1 ASR line includes self-stable rotating flange joints , in which the self-stability characteristic is accompanied by the convenience of assembly in pipes with flanges with non-aligned drilling.


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