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Rubber market leader for 65 years.
ISOPREN srl was established in 1954 with the purpose of manufacturing rubber and hard rubber technical products mainly for industrial use (B2B segment).
Cylinders, pumping items, cableway rings, strain neutralizers, abrasion resistant coatings represent only a small part of our entire production. Over the time, we have built close partnerships with our customers, which in many cases have been lasting for decades.
An internal, state-of-the-art technological laboratory ensures our self-supporting capability for the implementation of new products and the production monitoring.
ISOPREN has been one of the first Italian Companies to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 1995.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Conformity with the Directive 97/23/EC PED
Conformity with the requirements of the regulation NAV 70-9999-003000, 04/2010 edition.

These sectors employ a wide range of rubber components throughout the processing phases. We manufacture components suitable for different-sized pistons, sludge pumps, drill pipe thread protections, sediment filters, cement heads, etc. . In addition, we can also arrange for the production of a whole range of PIG gaskets, necessary for gas and oil pipelines cleaning. For more information >>
Our experience and technical equipment can provide cylinder coatings in rubber, polyurethane, hard rubber, etc. for a wide range of applications. Our most developed fields are the production and processing of textile and synthetic fibres, the fabric processing and dyeing, the machine finishing and the metal industry applications. For more information >>
The production of strain neutralizers comprehends a wide range of types, shapes and dimensions. Fibre and metal reinforcements are used to bear high work pressure. We put the highest care when selecting the most suitable elastomer for the given chemical or thermal operating conditions, and we can do this thanks to a wide range of compounds developed by our internal laboratory. Upon specific request, strain neutralizers can be provided with stroke limiters and internal flow sleeves. For more information >>
Fluids transportation is one of our specialisation areas. We manufacture rubber coverings for the metal parts subjected to wear and chemical aggressions. In addition, a substantial part of our output is dedicated to the food industry. In this field, we provide compounds complying with the Italian laws and regulations on food contact and personal use substances. (Ministerial Decree 21-03-1973 and following modifications). For more information >>
The production model of the rings needs to be updated according to the technology innovation and to the technical solutions adopted by designers. Consequently, we manufacture two-halves rubber rings for rollers, rubber rings equipped with synthetic fibre, reinforced and braced heel, and rubber rings specifically cut for monoblock rollers. In addition, we also provide contour materials, such as drawn wire for drawback pulleys, patches and any other item can be realized in elastomeric materials. For more information >>
We can meet the production of spare parts for rice processing equipment, such as rods and rice hullers. For more information >>
Among the wide range of treated elastomers, the polyurethane elastomers differ for their high physical-mechanical properties and their broad spectrum of application. For more information >>
ISOPREN can use all the marketed natural and synthetic elastomers to manufacture moulded items. Presses dimensions can fit the manufacture of items of considerable dimensions and weight. Our wide experience, gained over the years, supports the partnership with customers on special products design. For more information >>